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Commit Code Confidently with the Nightfall DLP CircleCI Orb

by Chris Martinez Published Oct 27, 2020

Nightfall Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is now available as a CircleCI orb. CircleCI orbs are reusable snippets of code that help automate repeated processes, speed up project setup, and make it easy to integrate with third-party tools. With the Nightfall DLP orb, you can scan for sensitive items and prevent developers from accidentally committing sensitive information. We’re excited to announce our launch with CircleCI and share what you can do with the Nightfall DLP orb.

Scan your application code for sensitive data on every CircleCI build


The Nightfall DLP orb scans your code commits for sensitive information — like credentials and secrets, PII, credit card numbers, and more — and posts review comments to your code hosting service automatically. Scan for API and cryptographic keys with the Nightfall DLP orb by default, or customize your scans via a config file to specify additional detectors, tokens to exclude, and files to include or exclude.

“Nightfall’s orb gives our customers the insights they need to ensure high data security standards in their code, and we’re excited to see it launch in our orb registry.”

— Tom Trahan, VP Business Development, Circle CI

Balancing data protection and coding functionality 

The Nightfall DLP CircleCI orb is intended to be used as a part of your CI pipeline to simplify the development process, improve your security, and ensure you never accidentally leak secrets or other sensitive information through an accidental commit. It’s an easy and quick way to instantly boost your security posture when you commit code, without additional configurations or setup. The Nightfall DLP orb for CircleCI offers native integration with a VCS like GitHub, or you can use Nightfall’s developer platform to create a custom solution for any cloud SaaS app. 

“Cloud security is critical these days. Nightfall’s DLP orb scans application code for sensitive data on every CircleCI build, protecting business-critical data so teams can focus on creating high-quality software.”

— Tom Trahan, VP Business Development, Circle CI

Secure your tech stack with Nightfall and Circle CI 

Scan your application code for sensitive data on every CircleCI build using Nightfall’s DLP orb. Classify and protect your credentials, and avoid committing sensitive information to your repositories. Learn more about the orb with usage examples, a quick start guide, and documentation on the CircleCI orb registry.

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