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Avant secures information in SaaS environments with Nightfall DLP

Security teams in financial services face increased challenges for protecting customer information within their systems. Avant is a personal lending company that provides transparent lending and credit options for everyday people, so the data security stakes are very high for the Avant security operations team. The team, led by Senior Manager Jared Gray, is responsible for many functions across the security organization, like incident response, vulnerability management, endpoint, and network security.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a key part of Avant’s security strategy. To secure information in SaaS apps like Slack, Jared and his team needed a platform to protect their customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) and gain greater visibility into what information is shared and stored in Avant’s Slack workspace. The team at Avant needed to add DLP to their Slack without interrupting functionality and flow of communications and found Nightfall’s cloud-native DLP to be a seamless fit.

Securing information in SaaS environments

When building their security framework, the Avant security operations team identified the need to implement DLP coverage in their SaaS environments. Slack was the centerpiece of their data risks, since it’s used as the entire company’s central hub for communication and collaboration. Avant needed a security solution that would allow their teams to safely share messages and information. Visibility into data sprawl within Slack was a main driver for implementing cloud DLP.

“We needed more visibility across critical applications like Slack,” says Jared. “Nightfall has the controls we need on the back end to customize detectors for different types of data. The ability to do that ourselves, without being dependent on a vendor’s engineers, is also key for us.”

With Nightfall, Jared and the security operations team built the solution they needed to secure information in Slack. It’s an easy way to show the value and prove the benefits of cloud DLP to the entire company.

Jared Gray leads the team responsible for incident response, vulnerability management, endpoint, and network security at Avant. (photo courtesy of Jared Gray)

Proving the value of risk reduction 

Showing the information that exists within SaaS apps is a major value add for Avant. Jared and his team are able to see which detectors are in use and where their data is at risk any time within their Nightfall dashboard. With everything clearly laid out, it makes the security operations team’s jobs a lot easier — and it helps justify the value of cloud DLP to the organization.

“It’s easy for us to show how we’re detecting information across our SaaS applications,” says Jared. “My team gets reports from the dashboard and we can see our detectors working to discover and classify information like social security numbers or credit card information. It’s easy to export those findings into reports. That’s how we prove the value of Nightfall.”

The Avant team was able to turn on this functionality quickly with Nightfall’s fast and easy onboarding featuring out of the box detectors with no tuning required. Limited configuration and overhead in the setup continues to make a difference for Jared’s team every day. 

Avant’s lending and credit products make it easier for everyday people to reach their financial goals

Leading a security culture shift with DLP

With over 400 users throughout the company, adding a new system requires skill and tact to ensure that users are made aware and empowered to use the new system the right way. Jared and his team had to ensure that integrating Nightfall into their security stack would be seamless for their employees. The team was easily able to alert end users when a detector would find information to investigate. This step helps establish a culture shift for Avant that prioritizes security alongside user experience.

“We didn’t want to confuse our end users in Slack, especially as this new process was rolling out,” says Jared. “We wanted to help them understand why we’re making this culture shift, and help them understand the importance of Nightfall. The notifications had to be better than just a standard message that content was under investigation. Nightfall allowed us to customize how alerts are delivered to our end users in a seamless way.”

Overall, Nightfall provides added value to Avant in hours saved on investigating data security incidents, as well as in the fast onboarding and configuration. Cloud DLP is now a part of Avant’s integrated DLP strategy, and Jared’s team was able to do it all without missing a step. 

“With Nightfall, it’s easy to show the value of risk reduction because we can see the information that we are detecting across our SaaS applications. That’s how we prove the value of DLP for our organization.”

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