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Foresight Mental Health is changing mental health care for the better with DLP in mind







Employees: 244
HQ Location: San Diego, CA 
Keely Strong, Director of Operations      

Complex problems, like delivering high quality mental health services during a pandemic, require creative thinking. Foresight Mental Health began at the intersection of ingenuity and necessity: changing the way people interact with and think about mental health care by creating accessibility through the use of insurance plans and increasing provider availability. They stand apart by connecting patients to providers and allowing people to use their insurance for mental health services that aren’t in network with insurance companies.   

Demand for this new approach to mental health care drove massive growth, taking Foresight Mental Health from a single practice to over 40 offices throughout California. COVID-19 was a silver lining for the company, forcing a fast pivot to totally virtual operations in mid-March. The pandemic has made mental health care even more important, so Foresight Mental Health was in the right place at the right time to provide services when people needed it the most.  

After a year and a half in business and a wave of massive growth, Director of Operations Keely Strong had a big task ahead — securing protected health information (PHI) for patients who get care through Foresight Mental Health. She needed a data loss prevention (DLP) solution to protect patient data without slowing Foresight Mental Health teams down. Keely found the solution she could trust and bring back to her tech leaders: Nightfall.      

Supporting cybersecurity in SaaS apps like Slack

Healthcare companies like Foresight Mental Health have turned to technology to solve problems that have plagued the industry for years, like lack of access and gaps in connecting patients to their providers. Foresight Mental Health’s staff uses collaboration tools like Slack to share information and get quick answers to help patients find the doctor or facility they’re looking for. But Slack without DLP isn’t a secure option for sharing PHI in this manner.   

As Director of Operations, Keely Strong brought DLP to Foresight Mental Health and set her company on a new path of stronger data security (photo courtesy of Keely Strong)

Keely and the other Foresight Mental Health leaders had to find a way to protect PHI on Slack, because the most common method to pair members with services required internal collaboration. Using Slack is the most efficient method to locate the right information, but it also required a HIPAA-compliant DLP solution to be added to Foresight Mental Health’s Slack instance.

“We needed the Enterprise version of Slack for our product team,” Keely says. “We wanted to create efficiency for our administrative team. We cannot disclose anything about interactions with the members and patients. Protecting this data is critical to our success and growth, and the safety and security for our members.”  

Finding a DLP solution they could trust was easy thanks to Slack’s recommendation of Nightfall. Our partnership with Slack helped Keely make the choice to add Nightfall DLP to Foresight’s Slack instance.  

“It gave us a big sense of security,” Keely says. “We could trust Slack since they had already done the integrations and implementations with other companies.”    

“Nightfall allows us to utilize Slack in ways we weren’t able to before. We are able to both book appointments more efficiently and allow our teams to communicate better in Slack.”

Nightfall makes it easy to solve complex cloud security issues 

With DLP added to their infosec tech stack, Foresight Mental Health had the PHI protection they needed to continue to scale up their services and meet the growing demand from their members. Nightfall provides the security they need to protect patient data, plus the peace of mind that comes from working with a company that understands how important cloud security is, and delivers the complex solutions required for healthcare data security.  

“Nightfall has allowed our product team to use Slack to serve our members in better and faster ways,” says Keely. “With the extra security layer, we’ve been able to do new things, like create a form on our website that members can fill out, instead of calling. We can gather their information into a Slack channel where one of our scheduling experts can see it and address each inquiry. We’ve been able to utilize Slack in ways we weren’t able to before, thanks to Nightfall.”   

Adding new functionality with Nightfall has also been lightweight and quick, thanks to fast setup and no tuning required with our DLP. Their members don’t have to wait to schedule the appointments and get the care they need. Foresight Mental Health’s success relies on a nimble tech stack that includes DLP to protect patient data.  

“Nightfall has made things super simple for me,” Keely says. “I didn’t have to put in a lot of work or effort once the decision was made to add Nightfall DLP. It was really simple to implement, and I feel good about the level of security Nightfall provides.”    

“Slack’s partnership with Nightfall gave us peace of mind. We didn’t have to jump through hoops or do research on our own for the implementation. That was a big win for us.”

DLP supports the path ahead for Foresight Mental Health

Keely could act with confidence when bringing Nightfall to her technical leads as the best solution for their business. As the operations leader for Foresight Mental Health, Keely saved time by choosing Nightfall as the company’s DLP solution. The upfront time savings came through immediately with the fast and easy install, and the automated scanning of over 100+ detectors allow the product team to share the information they need in Slack without the worry of improper data exposure or loss.  

Shoring up their cloud security makes everything run smoother for Foresight Mental Health, for members looking for mental health services and the Foresight product team providing the solutions members need for their care. Adding DLP is proving to be a smart business strategy for Keely and her team.  

Changing how we access and receive mental health care isn’t easy, but Foresight Mental Health is forging the path ahead in the most uncertain of times — and setting the standard for protecting PHI in SaaS applications.  

“We want to help people feel better about getting the help they need and to remove the stigma around mental health,” Keely says. “COVID-19 has changed our situation a bit, but we were able to take the entire company virtual the day after shelter-in-place restrictions were imposed in California.”  

Innovative companies need innovative solutions and partners to support their vision. Foresight Mental Health relies on Nightfall for cloud-native DLP in Slack and the trust that comes from working with us and our vast expertise in healthcare data security. The road ahead is still uncertain for all of us, but with Nightfall protecting their members’ healthcare data, Foresight Mental Health can stay on track for the expansion they’ve always planned for.    

“Maintaining the integrity and privacy of patient data is of utmost importance for us. Our patients place a lot of trust in us. Nightfall’s integration with Slack combines ease and efficiency for data protection.” 

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