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Nightfall simplifies data security & HIPAA compliance for SimpleHealth




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Employees: 135

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Ryan Quigley, Co-Founder & President

Breaking barriers to birth control with telehealth

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SimpleHealth Co-Founder & President Ryan Quigley leads information security at SimpleHealth (photo courtesy of Ryan Quigley)

SimpleHealth takes their company name to heart. They are a reproductive tele-health company, focused on building thoughtful and impactful services that enable patients to own their reproductive health journey. Today, the core vertical is an online birth control prescription and free home delivery service. SimpleHealth co-founder and president Ryan Quigley took the original company model of providing a single service of physician and pharmacy for contact lenses and turned it into a company that solves a major need in the United States  — providing wider access to reproductive health.

It’s no secret that people in the U.S. continue to struggle from systemic barriers to reproductive health access. SimpleHealth breaks down the barriers by providing one source to make everything simple for getting birth control and other reproductive health needs.

As SimpleHealth grew, Ryan and his team saw the need to simplify their internal processes. That included consolidating all internal communications onto Slack. They needed to ensure patient protected health information (PHI) was secure when sharing files and messages on Slack, which required adding data loss prevention (DLP) to SimpleHealth’s Slack instance. Nightfall provides the HIPAA compliance coverage they need with cloud-native DLP. 

“Nightfall is super easy to integrate. Setup was really straightforward. I think we had it done in 15, 20 minutes or so, and that was a big selling point for us.”

Streamlining processes leads to success

SimpleHealth’s product and engineering teams handle big responsibilities to deliver the  customer experience patients expect from SimpleHealth. The product and engineering teams stand at about 19 people, and they support over 100 colleagues across the rest of the organization. Like many startups, resources have been constrained from the beginning for SimpleHealth. Ryan was looking for ways to make processes more efficient and bring teams onto one platform.

“Our internal communications were on Slack and Microsoft Teams,” Ryan says. “When we had to discuss or share messages that contained HIPAA-regulated information, or have conversations with physicians or clinical staff, that all happened on Microsoft Teams. We knew that we wanted to switch over to Slack, but we faced a blocker in not having a DLP provider.”

Ryan needed a solution that included all the data security and compliance requirements with ease of use and implementation in one platform. The inefficiency of working between two platforms with no way to protect sensitive data was a non-starter. “As we grew, especially with our patient support team, it became more and more onerous to onboard and educate all the new team members on multiple different systems,” he says.   The pain points pushed SimpleHealth toward a solution: bring Nightfall DLP to Slack, and button up their systems, compliance, and data security in one step.

“We save time with Nightfall by pulling our staff off of reviewing our different Slack channels. We can trust that Nightfall will detect messages and data that need to be quarantined or reviewed.”

DLP makes compliance easy for SimpleHealth

Nightfall DLP for Slack had an immediate impact for SimpleHealth. Our fast and easy integration allowed Ryan’s team to protect PHI in Slack right away. With 150+ machine-learning trained detectors out of the box with no tuning required, SimpleHealth can scan their entire Slack instance including private channels for any messages, files, or data that could lead to improper exposure or HIPAA violations. They also save time by reviewing and remediating any issues in real time right inside Slack. Nightfall allows the SimpleHealth team to get more work done, faster.

“Consolidating to a single platform for communications was the primary driver in our DLP search,” says Ryan. “Nightfall has allowed us to put this in action, and it’s been the biggest benefit that we’ve realized.”

Ryan knew he could trust Nightfall based on the strong recommendation from Nightfall’s partners at Slack. “We got a high recommendation from the enterprise sales team at Slack for Nightfall versus the other DLP providers out there,” says Ryan. “They emphasized the speed of integration and that it would be comprehensive of what we needed.”

Nightfall makes HIPAA compliance and data security easy for SimpleHealth. DLP helped solve a big challenge for the team at SimpleHealth. Now, it’s easier than ever for SimpleHealth to serve their patients in need of birth control access and support from their physicians and patient care team. 

“The enterprise sales team at Slack gave a high recommendation for Nightfall, versus all of the traditional other DLP providers out there. They emphasized the speed of integration and that Nightfall would be the comprehensive DLP solution we needed.”

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