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50 million

Customers served

Amount protects data across their SaaS environments with Nightfall



50 million

Customers served

Amount develops products and services to help financial institutions grow in the digital realm. Their technology solutions put customer experience first and allow their partners to enter the digital financial space with speed and ease. With Amount, financial institutions have everything they need to succeed, like omnichannel retail banking experiences and point-of-sale financing products. Amount’s requirements for providing for secure banking services must include compliance and data security. Nightfall helps protect Amount’s customer data from internal and external threats with cloud-native DLP.

The challenges of managing cross-functional data protection

Don Stewart, Jr. is a security operations analyst at Amount. He works with the Application Security Department, Security Operations Department, and the Government and Regulatory Control (GRC) and Compliance Department to manage multiple facets of security: endpoint, data, and cloud security, as well as compliance. When Amount onboards a new platform or app, it’s up to Don to implement and configure each one and ensure the implementation meets the company’s security and compliance standards.

Amount has three goals for protecting customer data: reducing security risks, increasing peace of mind for the company and their customers, and securing the company’s platform environment. These needs led the information security and I.T. teams at Amount to search for a data security solution that was fast and easy to implement. “We didn’t want a heavyweight agent that would bog down our processors,” Don says. “We also wanted it to be customizable.”

Nightfall was the right mix of customizable, lightweight, and easy-to-use data protection for Amount.

Don Stewart, Jr. manages data security and compliance at Amount (photo courtesy of Don Stewart, Jr.)

One set of detection rules for all apps

Managing data security and compliance across the entire Amount digital ecosystem is a challenge for Don’s teams. Nightfall unites data detection and classification from Slack, Github, Jira, and Confluence into one interface for Amount and gives them a deeper understanding of their attack surface and threat risk. With Nightfall, they can apply the same detection rules across all their scans and each of their collaboration tools. 

“Nightfall DLP has improved Amount’s security posture by allowing us to discover data being transmitted within our various platforms,” Don says. “Now it’s easier for us to figure out what data is being shared. We can take action on data that we classify as sensitive. This allows us to be more proactive and less reactive.”

The versatility of Nightfall’s DLP solutions for each of Amount’s platforms gives Don’s teams the flexibility they need to scale up data security policies across the company. “Many DLP tools we looked into weren’t versatile, or easily implemented,” Don says. “We found Nightfall covered all of those things, plus gave us more functionality, like adding our own regexes for specific classifications.”

Nightfall brings flexible and customizable DLP to Amount

Nightfall DLP simplifies data protection in the cloud for Amount. Don’s team can maintain compliance with essential financial industry standards like PCI. The flexibility of customizable rules for data detection and classification allows Amount to adapt to new requirements. Overall, Nightfall contributes to increased efficiency for the security teams at Amount.

“Nightfall enabled Amount to be more hands-off and more productive,” Don says. “The automated actions and capturing of the different classifications we have defined gives us ability to look deeper into our data and understand where it’s going.”

“With Nightfall, our collaboration tools are under one umbrella. It allows us to see everything in a single pane and without having to configure rules in different places.”

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Nightfall is the industry’s first cloud-native DLP platform that discovers, classifies, and protects data via machine learning. Nightfall is designed to work with popular SaaS applications like Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, Confluence, Jira, and many more via our Developer Platform. You can schedule a demo with us below to see the Nightfall platform in action.


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