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Mate Fertility maintains HIPAA compliance and scales their telemedicine platform with Nightfall

Mate Fertility is changing fertility treatment medicine to provide wider access to people who may have faced barriers due to high costs or other difficulties with traditional fertility treatment providers. Through their distributed care network of reproductive endocrinology clinics and specialists, Mate Fertility is simplifying the process for patients who want to become parents. 

Co-founder Gabriel Bogner is helping to build the technology infrastructure that powers communications between the Mate Fertility corporate team and the clinics around the nation. Mate Fertility’s vision to connect fertility medicine specialists with patients in underserved areas around the country is based on instant communication via Slack. To scale the business effectively, Mate Fertility must protect their patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance in Slack for all connected communications. Nightfall simplifies their data loss prevention (DLP) needs with fast and easy integration directly in Slack.

Seeking a solution for HIPAA compliance in Slack 

As the Mate Fertility team identified the gaps in fertility care around the U.S., they began building the solution to create the network of doctors and facilities with Mate Fertility as the hub for managing care operations. “We needed to share patient information quickly among our clinics and doctors. A lot of fertility treatment work is based on monitoring medications and hormones. The medications need to be monitored very carefully. To effectively monitor those cases, our reproductive endocrinologists need to see patient information, test results, and lab results at the blink of an eye without having to pick up the phone or send an email,” says Gabriel.

Slack provided everything they needed for fast and direct communications between their network of doctors and clinics based in different cities. But since Slack does not have a built-in solution for securing protected health information (PHI), Mate Fertility needed a way to ensure they would never violate HIPAA requirements and provide protection for private patient information within their SaaS environment.

“We needed a HIPAA-compliant platform for our communications. We were already using Slack for our corporate communication. I know when sharing private health information, an organization needs DLP in Slack,” Gabriel said.

Nightfall met Mate Fertility’s data protection needs with high accuracy detection powered by machine learning based detectors that classify sensitive data shared in their Slack messages and channels. With comprehensive coverage and automated scanning running continuously in their Slack, Mate Fertility has the protection they need for HIPAA compliance.

Simplifying compliance and protecting PHI all in one

Mate Fertility is growing their network beyond their headquarters in Los Angeles to clinics in Oklahoma, Alaska, Ohio, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Their team is small and lean for now, without a dedicated technology or engineering team. So when Gabriel and his team evaluated Nightfall, ease of use and simple integration into their Slack platform were must-have features.

“I needed something that was extremely effective with a fast setup. Nightfall’s integration with Slack is so easy — literally just one button to push,” says Gabriel. 

During the course of their work, the clinical team is required to share some PHI related to cases like patient names and test results. Nightfall allows those communications to happen without added risk of exposing sensitive information. Gabriel’s team can configure flexible policies right inside the Nightfall dashboard to detect PHI and other patient health data that must be secured at all times within Slack. The quarantine and delete feature is especially handy for the team.

“Nightfall allows us to quarantine and delete messages that contain PHI after the doctor has read them. The doctor can see the patient’s name and their results, and we can quickly delete the message afterward to prevent any leaks in our Slack,” says Gabriel.

Mate Fertility’s mission is to expand access to fertility medicine services — and maintain HIPAA compliance for patient data in Slack

Putting trust in Nightfall DLP

Mate Fertility can prove to their customers and their clinical partners that each communication in Slack is HIPAA compliant with Nightfall. Gabriel and his team can see the benefit from time saved on manual reviews of patient communications over Slack — hundreds of hours already spared for the Mate Fertility team that redirected toward helping patients expand their families.

Nightfall’s expertise in providing cloud-based data classification and protection for healthcare organizations was the biggest trust symbol for Mate Fertility. Adding Nightfall as a cybersecurity solution allows the clinical team to effectively utilize telemedicine to its fullest potential. That goes a long way for patients seeking fertility medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic and especially during a very personal and private journey of infertility treatment.

DLP can be a challenge for small companies, especially for a growth-minded young company with limited resources. Nightfall provides Mate Fertility with the compliance coverage they need with fully customizable data detection and protection that can scale up as the company grows. 

“Nightfall automatically integrates with our Slack. Now we can ensure that our patient information is protected and we’re staying HIPAA-compliant when the doctors and nurses in our network share private patient data.”

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