Read Our Guide to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on Slack

Learn how to implement data loss prevention (DLP) on Slack, and detect leakage of sensitive data across any Slack workspace in this free 12 page PDF.
In this guide, learn:

– What is DLP?
– Does Slack have DLP functionality built-in?
– How do I implement DLP on Slack?
– What is Nightfall and how does it work?
– And more…

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Case Studies

“It just works. We look forward to extending our use of Nightfall.”

Josh Sosnin, CISO

Higher Education

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“Nightfall has it all – easy to stand up and deploy and with the right feature set to do what we need.”

Michael Laurenzano, CTO

Artificial Intelligence

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“Nightfall has given me a better handle on sensitive information.”

Ra’Monne Hayes, Security Operations Manager


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