Nightfall helps modernize The Brain and Spine Clinic with DLP for Slack

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Dr. Jacob Januszewski, Owner

Dr. Jacob Januszewski opened The Brain and Spine Clinic in January 2020 to serve his community in eastern Florida. Jacob combines his expertise in Minimally Invasive (MIS) Complex Spine Deformity surgery with patient care and compassion to help anyone who visits his clinic get the treatment they need and ensure a smooth recovery. The Brain and Spine Clinic offers resources on their website like information on neurosurgery procedures, success stories from patients the clinic has helped, a patient portal, and a blog written by Jacob himself on issues in patient care and advocacy.   

Going into private practice can be challenging, even for the most prepared and experienced doctors. One key challenge that every medical professional faces is HIPAA compliance. As Jacob welcomed more patients to his clinic, he saw the need to keep up with the latest technology to manage medical records and keep patient data safe. Adopting Slack for his growing staff required a DLP solution to ensure HIPAA compliance. That’s why Jacob chose Nightfall DLP for Slack for The Brain and Spine Clinic.       

Modernizing a medical practice

One of Jacob’s main goals for The Brain and Spine Clinic is to modernize the technology he uses in his practice. “I’m bringing my practice into the 21st century,” he says. “I’m using a lot of automation, digital communication, and SaaS applications for the way we see patients, document patient encounters, and communicate with each other.”

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Dr. Jacob Januszewski has to manage every aspect of his medical practice, including patient data security (photo courtesy of Dr. Jacob Januszewski)

Jacob wanted to add Slack to his clinic’s digital suite in order to streamline collaboration among his small but growing staff and scale with the clinic for future growth.   

“The goal is to use multidisciplinary teams at some point with multiple providers,” he said. “I’m looking at expanding to at least 50 to 100 employees in the next several years. All of my employees use Slack.”  

Slack does not provide data loss prevention out of the box. For healthcare providers, this means they lack the protected health information (PHI) security that ensures HIPAA compliance when using Slack for communication at work. Jacob identified the rapid transfer of information among his staff as a major potential issue, if the data was left unprotected.  

“It’s important that I’m HIPAA compliant when I communicate with my staff about a particular patient or issue,” he says. “I needed a DLP solution within Slack itself.”  

At The Brain and Spine Clinic, patients come first. Protecting patient PHI and ensuring fast and courteous service is essential for Jacob and his staff. He chose Nightfall DLP for Slack because of our over 100 detectors that automatically scan and detect any information or files that shouldn’t be shared. The Nightfall platform provides notifications to Jacob so he can determine which messages are unsafe, and create the proper data sharing policies as his practice adopts new SaaS technology like Slack.  

Nightfall has helped Jacob build a safer, smarter technology stack for his clinic by making DLP a priority, with our easy to use automated bot that works right inside their Slack organization. Modernizing his practice just got easier.    

“Nightfall allows my business to function in a technologically advanced world. As medicine becomes more digitized and modernized, Nightfall helps me integrate SaaS applications into my practice.”

Confidence comes from HIPAA compliance

A business owner can face a lot of headaches when incorporating new technology in their tech stack. Trusting a new company to handle such an important part of the business like protecting patient data is also a huge risk to take on. Jacob never has to worry with Nightfall handling all his DLP needs in Slack.  

“With Nightfall, I had no issues with integration,” Jacob says. “The ease of use is one of the best features, along with the automation. I get all the information I need from our Slack scans automatically delivered to me.”  

Protecting patient data gives Jacob the peace of mind he needs to focus on providing excellent care for his patients and expanding the clinic. Nightfall helps support his modernization goals and gives him confidence to add new SaaS tools to his tech stack. 

“Now my business can function in a technologically advanced world,” Jacob says. “Nightfall allows me to consider using apps that I would not be otherwise able to use within the medical world. I know my team communications are HIPAA compliant and secure.”  

Having a DLP solution that’s built for HIPAA compliance like Nightfall on board is helping establish The Brain and Spine Clinic as a trustworthy business. Great patient care with data security is what Jacob needs to keep his patients happy and healthy.    

“The Nightfall team is always available immediately for any troubleshooting. All issues have been resolved within 15 minutes. Communication with the support team has been amazing. They’re the ones reaching out offering to help. I don’t even have to ask for it.”

Securing the future of the business

Jacob has his focus turned to the future of The Brain and Spine Clinic. Right now, his business is less than a year old and has a small staff. The cost savings from Nightfall protecting his patient data and streamlining his staff communications allows Jacob to scale up his tech stack as the business grows.  

“The cost savings of Nightfall keeping us HIPAA compliant is enormous,” Jacob says. “A security breach or data leak that exposes PHI can cost my business a lot of money and legal issues.”   As The Brain and Spine Clinic continues to run lean, time savings add up for a small team without a lot of IT support. Nightfall provides the automatic scanning Jacob needs to stay secure in Slack and prevent data breaches or data loss.   

“I can run my business with peace of mind that everything is secure and HIPAA compliant,” he says. “That allows me to concentrate on other things, like patient care.”  

Nightfall is just the beginning of an expanded security tech stack for The Brain and Spine Clinic. As Jacob takes his business into year two and beyond, he’s looking to level up his cloud security posture. And we’ll be there to support his growth.    

“The cost savings of HIPAA compliance is enormous. A security breach that violates HIPAA can cost my business a lot of money and legal issues. Nightfall provides my business tremendous cost savings.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Nightfall DLP for Slack, you can view our Guide to DLP on Slack, our Guide to HIPAA Compliance on Slack, or schedule a brief demo with our team below.

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