Nightfall Saves Time and Provides 24/7 Data Protection For Grofers

Company: Grofers
Industry: Retail & E-commerce
Employees: 3,000+

Vaidik Kapoor, VP of Technology

Grofers, India’s largest online discounter in the grocery space, relies on the Nightfall DLP platform to protect their company’s sensitive information. Nightfall’s powerful automation and ease of use saves an incredible amount of time and allows the Grofers security team to work on mission-critical projects.

Grofers is India’s largest online discounter in the grocery space. The company uses its in-house technology platform to manage a network of over 5,000 partner stores that enable the company to run a fast and lean supply chain – from manufacturers straight to customers. Grofers utilizes its efficient supply chain to deliver over 25 million products to customers every month. A majority of these products belong to the company’s in-house brands like Grofers Happy Day and Grofers Happy Home.

Grofers’ exceptional growth.

The challenge

“We are a startup that’s on its way to becoming an enterprise,” observed Vaidik Kapoor, Grofers’ VP of Technology. With stints at Mozilla and Wingify, Kapoor was no stranger to dealing with infrastructure challenges of rapidly-growing organizations. In his three years at Grofers, Kapoor had built numerous scalable systems and developed clear guidelines for the deployment and documentation of new code.

“We use Slack quite heavily at Grofers,” Kapoor said. It became obvious that securing the instant communication channel was a top priority. Grofers deals with the payment details for millions of transactions, with the potential for leaks of sensitive information. “Data loss prevention on Slack was the problem we were trying to solve,” he added.

Since Slack lacks in-app protection for data loss prevention (DLP), Grofers had a simple choice: build their own solution or seek outside help. Kapoor quickly realized that building an in-house DLP app for their Slack channel would prove to be too costly and time-consuming for their 2-person security team. Nightfall proved to be the perfect solution for Grofers’ needs.


“Nightfall has really helped us in pushing a culture of data security.”


Instant integration, constant protection

The Grofers team was able to install and deploy the Nightfall bot within minutes, providing immediate protection for the company’s hundreds of Slack users. The Grofers team now had an out-of-the-box solution to one of their most pressing security issues, without needing to spend months on development and testing.

Grofer’s office

A major benefit to the Grofers team was Nightfall’s ability to scan Slack messages and files in real-time. With over 25 detectors of personally identifiable information (PII), including credit card numbers, Kapoor knew that the Nightfall bot could function without constant adjustment.

Using machine learning, Nightfall automatically classifies sensitive information and alerts administrators when sensitive data is detected. Users then have the flexibility to customize their responses based on their specific needs. “Depending upon your incident patterns, you can even setup quarantine workflows to handle incidents in an automated fashion without manual intervention,” remarked Kapoor.


“Nightfall’s customer service is amazing. The team is always around to take feedback, talk about what they are working on, and closely work towards solving our problems.”


A commitment to customer success

In addition to the platform’s impressive technology, Nightfall’s human element also impressed Kapoor and the Grofers team. “Nightfall’s openness to feedback and input is something we really appreciate,” Kapoor said.

This responsiveness wasn’t limited to just dealing with immediate concerns. Nightfall’s agile product development also meant they could create solutions to deal with Grofers’ most urgent use cases. “They took some of our feedback and turned that around into features really quickly, which makes us believe that they are the right partners for us in the long term,” Kapoor continued.

Massive time savings

By handling the day-to-day DLP for Grofers, Nightfall empowered Kapoor to focus on long-term projects critical to the company’s success. Without a solution like Nightfall, the Grofers team would spend all of their time identifying potential leaks of sensitive information, with no bandwidth to implement solutions. “Our security team works on more important things than building and maintaining a crude DLP solution in-house,” Kapoor said.


“A small security team like ours can now focus on handling incidents rather than identifying incidents. We completely rely on Nightfall for this.”

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