Nightfall’s Up to Speed on AI and Deep Learning 3/10/20


Emerging Research

Nested Reasoning About Autonomous Agents Using Probabilistic Programs. (arXiv:1812.01569v2 [cs.AI] UPDATED)
As autonomous agents become more ubiquitous, they will eventually have to reason about the plans of other agents, which is known as theory of mind reasoning. We develop a planning-as-inference framework in which agents perform nested simulation to reason about the behavior of other agents in an online manner.

Real time Smart Contracts for IoT using Blockchain and Collaborative Intelligence based Dynamic Pricing for the next generation Smart Toll Application. (arXiv:2002.12654v1 [cs.DC])
The confluence of Internet of Things(IoT) , Blockchain(BC) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) acts as a key accelerator for enabling Machine Economy. To be ready for future businesses these technologies needs to be adapted by extending the IoT capabilities to Economy of Things (EoT) capabilities. In this paper we focus on one such implementation experience for Smart Toll Transaction application.

Cost Models for Big Data Query Processing: Learning, Retrofitting, and Our Findings. (arXiv:2002.12393v1 [cs.DB])
Query processing over big data is ubiquitous in modern clouds, where the system takes care of picking both the physical query execution plans and the resources needed to run those plans, using a cost-based query optimizer. In this work, we investigate two questions: (i) can we learn accurate cost models for big data systems, and (ii) can we integrate the learned models within the query optimizer.

AL & ML in Society

Moving AI Forward: Why You Need to Slow Down Now to Scale Later
A lot of companies had big plans for artificial intelligence (AI) last year. In 2020, however, those ambitions have gotten a little bit smaller. There are many reasons behind this retrenchment, but three issues come up again and again.

Weighing the Trade-Offs of Explainable AI
It’s hard to audit an algorithm if you don’t understand how it thinks. But the answer isn’t always making things simpler.

Social Media Influencers Find Novel Uses For Machine Learning
Here at Smart Data Collective, we talk a lot about the benefits of artificial intelligence in the marketing profession. It is easy to see why this is such a core focus. There are hundreds of applications of big data for marketing. Most of our articles on artificial intelligence and big data in the marketing field pertain to the applications in SEO and marketing analytics.

A 5-Year Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed
From machine learning algorithms to AI-driven assistants, higher ed will see more highly developed AI applications in the coming years.

AI Weekly: US and EU strike contrasting tones on AI regulatory policy
In Febuary, the European Commission (EC) published a major set of proposals for its strategy on AI. Both of these follow AI principles and regulations proposed in May 2019 by the multi-nation Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which includes the U.S. and European countries.


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