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For Healthcare Companies

Maintain HIPAA compliance within any app in minutes

Nightfall helps healthcare companies scale while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
Nightfall helps healthcare companies scale while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is the industry’s first cloud-native data loss prevention (DLP) platform that discovers, classifies, and protects data in cloud environments. Nightfall has machine learning trained detectors that can scan for protected health information (PHI) and identifiers such as ICD, FDA, DEA, NPI, and more.

Satisfy HIPAA requirements with cloud-native DLP

As a best of breed DLP platform, we’re helping healthcare teams maintain HIPAA compliance by detecting and securing PHI.

  • Automate data security and receive alerts whenever PHI appears somewhere it shouldn’t.
  • Integrate directly with popular platforms like Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, and Atlassian.
  • Use the Nightfall Developer Platform to leverage our detection engine in your custom apps and cloud environments.

Protect unstructured patient health information

Nightfall’s machine learning detectors work in a variety of SaaS environments. Detect PHI in your content, including within a broad set of file types and images with optical character recognition (OCR).

Compliance & securing PHI is easy for Capital Rx with Nightfall DLP

Capital Rx requires oversight into their SaaS systems for compliance requirements and reducing PHI data risk. Nightfall brings it all together in one platform.

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“Nightfall has allowed us to automate the detection and response of DLP in Slack. This has alleviated an impossible task of manually monitoring the platform.”

Stuart Lane

Information Security Engineer for Application Security

12,000 +


1,500 +


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“Nightfall allows us to redact or prevent sharing data and notify our security team almost instantly in Slack, and presents us with what actions we can take. It allows us to review the data; determine whether or not it is sensitive and delete it if we choose. It helps inform us on how we can train our users on what is safe to share and the mediums to use to share sensitive information.”

Azret Deljanin

VP of Infrastructure and Security

150 +


253,000 +

Investors served

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“I was looking to find a DLP solution that could help with spotting potential sensitive information when we communicate via Slack."

Ra’Monne Hayes

Senior Risk & Compliance Manager

1,000 +


20 million

Queries processed daily

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"We wanted to create efficiency for our administrative team. We cannot disclose anything about interactions with the members and patients. Protecting this data is critical to our success and growth, and the safety and security for our members."

Keely Strong

Vice President, Operations

240 +


40 +


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“Nightfall’s automated bot taps directly into our existing communication channels and tooling. It provides a massive benefit to us. Now our developers can focus on delivering value — not only to our customers through NorthOne features, but also to our own internal stakeholders, like customer care.”

Blake Edwards

Vice President, Engineering

50 +


190,000 +

Clients served

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