How fintech startup Amount manages data security across cloud collaboration platforms with Nightfall: Watch the story now.

Cloud-native DLP for Confluence

Protect sensitive data in Confluence

Nightfall offers the first cloud-native Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to scan your Confluence spaces and pages, ensuring sensitive data is not exposed.
Nightfall offers the first cloud-native Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to scan your Confluence spaces and pages, ensuring sensitive data is not exposed.

Comprehensive DLP designed for Confluence

Confluence is built for sharing information – which means sensitive data is at risk of being exposed. Nightfall is the first and only cloud-native DLP solution for Confluence that discovers and classifies sensitive data with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Leverage Nightfall’s machine learning-trained detectors to scan 150+ types of PII, PHI, PCI, credentials & secrets, and more.
  • Scan 100+ attachment file types, including unstructured data via machine learning-based OCR.
  • Discover sensitive data across all Confluence spaces (including personal spaces), pages, blog posts, attachments, comments and archived items.
  • View context-rich scan results with direct links to the violations, to prioritize and streamline remediation efforts.

Date of Birth


Phone Number

Email Address

Person Name


US Driver License


Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)


US Passport


US Social Security Number (SSN)


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

ICD10 Code

US Healthcare NPI

ICD9 Code




Cryptographic Key


Randomly Generated Token


Database Connection String

MAC Address

IMEI Hardware ID

IP Address

US Employer ID Number

US Bank Routing MICR

Credit Card Number


American Bankers CUSIP ID



API Keys Without Test Keys


12 Digit Number


Name with Email


AWS Access Key ID

Configurable DLP policies to meet your organization’s needs

Nightfall enables you to create flexible DLP policies for targeted scans that point you straight to critical violations.

  • Create custom detectors & detection rules.
  • Configure Nightfall’s Detection Engine with context rules, confidence scores, and more.
  • Reduce noise by specifying or excluding certain spaces or pages or by adjusting the date range.

Streamline your cloud DLP approach

Nightfall is easy to implement and provides you with a single pane of glass to centralize your data security approach across applications.

  • Integrate with Confluence in just a few clicks.
  • Export scan results for use in other systems.
  • Use Nightfall to discover and protect sensitive data across other cloud apps in addition to Confluence.

Amount protects data across their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Amount’s requirements for providing secure banking services must include compliance and data security. Nightfall helps protect Amount’s customer data from internal and external threats in Jira with cloud-native DLP.

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“Nightfall allows us to redact or prevent sharing data and notify our security team almost instantly in Slack, and presents us with what actions we can take. It allows us to review the data; determine whether or not it is sensitive and delete it if we choose. It helps inform us on how we can train our users on what is safe to share and the mediums to use to share sensitive information.”

Azret Deljanin

VP of Infrastructure and Security

150 +


253,000 +

Investors served

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One benefit of having all of these tools [Nightfall for Confluence, Jira, GitHub and Slack] under one umbrella allows us to just see everything from a single pane. We're not having to go through three or four different tools, and we're also not having to configure rules six different times in six different tools. It's all in one place.

Don Stewart

Security Operations Analyst

450 +


50 million

Customers served

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“I was looking to find a DLP solution that could help with spotting potential sensitive information when we communicate via Slack."

Ra’Monne Hayes

Senior Risk & Compliance Manager

1,000 +


20 million

Queries processed daily

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"We wanted to create efficiency for our administrative team. We cannot disclose anything about interactions with the members and patients. Protecting this data is critical to our success and growth, and the safety and security for our members."

Keely Strong

Vice President, Operations

240 +


40 +


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“Nightfall’s automated bot taps directly into our existing communication channels and tooling. It provides a massive benefit to us. Now our developers can focus on delivering value — not only to our customers through NorthOne features, but also to our own internal stakeholders, like customer care.”

Blake Edwards

Vice President, Engineering

50 +


190,000 +

Clients served

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