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Mate Fertility maintains HIPAA compliance and scales their telemedicine platform with Nightfall

Mate Fertility is changing fertility treatment medicine to provide wider access to people who may have faced barriers due to high costs or other difficulties with traditional fertility treatment providers. Through their distributed care network of reproductive endocrinology clinics and specialists, Mate Fertility is simplifying the process for patients who want to become parents.  Co-founder […]

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Flatfile protects PII and maintains compliance in their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Flatfile simplifies the data import process for companies via their easy-to-use data onboarding platform. Users can upload data from CSV files and Excel spreadsheets directly into their applications seamlessly. By paring down the uploading process, Flatfile allows their users to work faster and more efficiently without running into typical errors when importing data, like unsupported […]

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Compliance & securing PHI is easy for Capital Rx with Nightfall DLP

Capital Rx processes pharmacy benefits claims and provides clinical oversight to employers, unions, municipalities, and health plans. Like other companies in the healthcare industry, Capital Rx must maintain compliance when handling data in the cloud. Their concern is protecting the confidentiality of electronic protected health information (e-PHI) to maintain SOC 2 compliance and URAC accreditation […]

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Amount protects data across their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Amount develops products and services to help financial institutions grow in the digital realm. Their technology solutions put customer experience first and allow their partners to enter the digital financial space with speed and ease. With Amount, financial institutions have everything they need to succeed, like omnichannel retail banking experiences and point-of-sale financing products. Amount’s […]

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Nightfall simplifies data security & HIPAA compliance for SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth must ensure PHI is secure when sharing files and messages on Slack. Nightfall provides the HIPAA compliance coverage they need with cloud-native DLP.

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Foresight Mental Health is changing mental health care for the better with DLP in mind

Foresight Mental Health needed a DLP solution to protect patient data without slowing their internal teams down. Director of Operations Keely Strong found the solution she could trust and bring back to her tech leaders: Nightfall.

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Protecting PHI in Slack: Nightfall adds DLP (and value) to Perry Health

Perry Health provides a technology-first approach to healthcare, with user-friendly mobile and web applications to facilitate these improved patient-provider connections. Making things easy in healthcare requires strict compliance and data security. Nightfall supports HIPAA-compliant DLP for Perry Health in Slack.

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Aaron’s Maintains Company Communication Standards On Slack With Nightfall

Aaron’s, Inc., an omnichannel provider of lease-purchase solutions, protects against data loss using Nightfall’s easy-to-use Slack DLP integration. Stuart Lane, Information Security Engineer at Aaron’s, credits Nightfall in automating their DLP activity and helping enforce their company code of conduct among their employees.

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