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Learn How Bluecore Maintains Data Security on Slack with Nightfall

SaaS applications like Slack are challenging environments for enforcing data security policies. This is especially true for innovative, high-growth companies that have embraced a cloud-first philosophy.

Learn first hand from Brent Lassi, CISO of the disruptive martech Bluecore, how the Nightfall platform enables his team to maintain data compliance best practices in environments like Slack, without hampering productivity.

From our discussion, you’ll learn:
– The complexities that make securing environments like Slack difficult without time or resource investment.
– The risks that may stem from failing to enforce data compliance best practices in Slack.
– How Nightfall has helped your peers across highly regulated industries maintain data security compliance while using popular SaaS apps like Slack.


Michael Osakwe
Product Marketing Manager
Nightfall AI

Brent Lassi
Chief Information Security Officer

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