Webinar: Join us, Tues 5/24. Nightfall & Hanzo experts will discuss how machine learning can enhance data governance, data security, and the efficiency of legal investigations. Register now ⟶

Build Continuous Security & Compliance into Your SaaS Environments

As recent trends, like supply chain attacks and cloud data leaks have made clear, continuous security and continuous data compliance must be embedded into the application, no matter where it is deployed, and who is accessing it.

From this webinar learn:

  • How the nature of data leaks and exposure incidents has changed post-pandemic.
  • Why continuous security is the only approach that will guarantee a minimum acceptable level of risk.
  • How Nightfall has helped modern organizations adapt to the security demands of cloud-first well.
  • How Nightfall’s latest features allow you to mitigate security risks and demonstrate compliance.

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