Webinar: Join us, Tues 5/24. Nightfall & Hanzo experts will discuss how machine learning can enhance data governance, data security, and the efficiency of legal investigations. Register now ⟶

On-Demand Webinar:

Some of the biggest data leaks in history have occurred due to problems with Amazon Web Services (AWS S3), like permissions misconfigurations, secrets mismanagement, improper security configurations, or maintaining a poor visibility environment. Watch this recorded webinar on how Nightfall helps your org protect business-critical data in AWS S3.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– The AWS shared responsibility model and why adopting processes, controls, and tools to secure cloud environments is essential
– The differences between Nightfall and Amazon Macie — a single pane of glass and true machine learning capabilities level up your org’s security posture
– The flexibility of Nightfall on AWS platforms like integrating with Redshift, RDS, Dynamo, and more
– The role of data loss prevention (DLP) tools in ensuring regulatory and compliance regimes for your specific industry

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