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How secure is your Zendesk instance? Find out with Nightfall’s Zendesk DLP scanner

by Chris Martinez Published Oct 04, 2021

When your customers reach out for help, they send messages to your support team that likely contain personal information. Help desk ticketing systems can often harvest for personally identifiable information (PII) like email addresses and credit card numbers, while healthcare providers using ticketing systems may request protected health information (PHI) like patient names and health insurance claim numbers or phone numbers. Sending this information over chat or email can be a risk for data loss and exposure. 

Protecting customer information in Zendesk is an essential piece of your cybersecurity strategy. Nightfall makes it easy to find the data you must protect with the Zendesk DLP scanner.

Try Nightfall’s Zendesk DLP scanner for free

The Zendesk DLP scanner is built on the Nightfall Developer Platform to help organizations scan and audit helpdesk tickets for existing sensitive information. This DLP scanner detects and classifies data throughout your entire Zendesk support instance, using 150+ detectors including many for customer PII to accurately find violations with machine learning. You can create custom scans using your Nightfall API key just for Zendesk — current Nightfall customers can apply existing rule sets from existing integrations to scan data in Zendesk as well.

Like all Nightfall DLP products, the Zendesk scanner is easy to set up and use. Start scanning comments and file attachments like plaintext, Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDFs, images, and more.

What potential information security risks will you find in Zendesk? Find out with the Nightfall Zendesk DLP scanner.

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