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People cared for daily

Nightfall makes HIPAA compliance fast and easy for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare






People cared for daily

 Employees: 1300+  

HQ Location: Peabody, MA  

Jason Butler, Director of IT  

For over a century, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare has served residents of Chelsea, Massachusetts and the neighboring communities by providing compassionate elder caregiving. With three locations in the cities of Chelsea, Peabody, and Winthrop, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare provides an eldercare community with skilled nursing facilities, short-term rehabilitation, assisted living residences, services for home care, personal care, and hospice care, and cutting-edge care for individuals living with neurodegenerative diseases like MS and ALS.  

Caring for an aging population with specialized medical and long-term care needs is a massive challenge, especially with keeping patient data secure. Chelsea Jewish Lifecare Director of IT Jason Butler leads a team tasked with maintaining HIPAA compliance for the organization in Slack — an even bigger challenge now that COVID-19 has spread the workforce across remote locations. Chelsea Jewish Lifecare is using Nightfall Enterprise for Slack to protect patient data within their internal communications.  

Finding the right fit for DLP

Jason’s team had to solve a common problem in healthcare IT: how to ensure secure internal communications over Slack while maintaining HIPAA compliance. “We saw a major risk in patient names and other confidential information accidentally being shared within Slack,” he says. “To protect against this and other sensitive data exposure, we needed a HIPAA compliant version of Slack. We knew in order to have that, we needed a DLP.”  

Nightfall DLP for Slack allows the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare IT team to detect any sensitive data before it’s in danger of being lost or exposed. “Nightfall Enterprise meets our needs with HIPAA compliance, and it gave us the tools to see when any violations would occur automatically.”  

When Chelsea Jewish Lifecare added Nightfall to their cloud security tech stack, they got a whole new set of tools that find and stop problems before they begin. The customizable configuration with over 100 detectors gives Jason more flexibility to detect potential issues and take action where needed.

“We have a lot of options with Nightfall. We can get notifications for data that should be sectioned off, with the option to quarantine and remove anything we need to.”

Meeting new challenges head on

Choosing a DLP solution was brand new territory for Jason and his team. “I’ve never used DLP before,” he says. “This is the first time I’ve had to think about this problem, so going into my calls with Nightfall I didn’t know what to expect.”

The combination of focus on ease of use for customers, time saved with automated scanning, and easy implementation helped Jason choose Nightfall as Chelsea Jewish Lifecare’s DLP solution. “I think about the time we save now compared to if we had to address every piece of patient data on Slack without the automated detection and remediation tools that Nightfall provides,” he says.  

Speed also counts when Chelsea Jewish Lifecare reaches out to Nightfall’s customer success team. “The response is always quick, which is great because we were in a hurry to complete this implementation,” Jason says. “The install was fast and we were able to use the detect, quarantine, delete, and notification features right away.”  

Within minutes of installing the Nightfall bot, Jason and his team were able to start scanning for user activity sharing any kind of information they didn’t want mentioned on Slack. Nightfall allowed them to establish a greatly improved security posture with one fast SaaS deployment.

“Nightfall makes our organization more secure when communications on Slack are involved.”

Connecting securely, anytime and anywhere

Operating an extensive eldercare network across three neighboring cities and 11 facilities requires quite the management balancing act. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare’s resources are even more scattered as many employees are forced to work from home. Jason needed a DLP solution he could rely on as he manages the demands of more remote work and the challenges of managing IT for a non-profit.  

“Nightfall helps us coordinate more secure communications between our locations and buildings,” he says. “They understood what we needed from the start. By supporting our employees who were now working from home and offering us a non-profit discount, the transition to use Nightfall DLP was smooth and easy.”

“As a non-profit, we have to think creatively to make things work. Nightfall took the time to understand our specific needs as an organization and made it a smooth transition for us to start using their DLP product.”

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