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Carnelian Assisted Living implements HIPAA-compliant DLP in Slack with Nightfall

Adlai Grutas, co-owner Industry: Elder care  Profile: Carnelian Assisted Living is an assisted living community in Walnut Creek, California. They provide activities of daily living (ADL) care for elderly patients with dementia, like assistance with dressing, bathing, eating, and taking medications. The staff at Carnelian Assisted Living coordinate care for their patients with the patients’ […]

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Mate Fertility maintains HIPAA compliance and scales their telemedicine platform with Nightfall

Mate Fertility is changing fertility treatment medicine to provide wider access to people who may have faced barriers due to high costs or other difficulties with traditional fertility treatment providers. Through their distributed care network of reproductive endocrinology clinics and specialists, Mate Fertility is simplifying the process for patients who want to become parents.  Co-founder […]

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Compliance & securing PHI is easy for Capital Rx with Nightfall DLP

Capital Rx processes pharmacy benefits claims and provides clinical oversight to employers, unions, municipalities, and health plans. Like other companies in the healthcare industry, Capital Rx must maintain compliance when handling data in the cloud. Their concern is protecting the confidentiality of electronic protected health information (e-PHI) to maintain SOC 2 compliance and URAC accreditation […]

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Nightfall simplifies data security & HIPAA compliance for SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth must ensure PHI is secure when sharing files and messages on Slack. Nightfall provides the HIPAA compliance coverage they need with cloud-native DLP.

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Foresight Mental Health is changing mental health care for the better with DLP in mind

Foresight Mental Health needed a DLP solution to protect patient data without slowing their internal teams down. Director of Operations Keely Strong found the solution she could trust and bring back to her tech leaders: Nightfall.

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Parsley Health’s innovative patient care includes protecting PHI with Nightfall

Collaboration in the cloud allows the Parsley Health team to move quickly and create the best health outcomes for their members. Martín and his team needed a way to protect sensitive personal data from being exposed in Slack. Nightfall was up for the challenge.

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Protecting PHI in Slack: Nightfall adds DLP (and value) to Perry Health

Perry Health provides a technology-first approach to healthcare, with user-friendly mobile and web applications to facilitate these improved patient-provider connections. Making things easy in healthcare requires strict compliance and data security. Nightfall supports HIPAA-compliant DLP for Perry Health in Slack.

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Staying safe in Slack: Blossom Bariatrics counts on Nightfall for HIPAA compliance

Providing a high level of patient care while expanding the business posed challenges for Blossom Bariatrics, namely maintaining HIPAA compliance in Slack. Nightfall DLP for Slack provides the protection Blossom Bariatrics needs to stay HIPAA compliant.

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Nightfall makes HIPAA compliance fast and easy for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Caring for an aging population with specialized medical and long-term care needs is a massive challenge, especially with keeping patient data secure. Chelsea Jewish Lifecare is using Nightfall Enterprise for Slack to protect patient data within their internal communications.

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Springbuk maintains HIPAA compliance on Slack communications with Nightfall

Like many fast-growing tech innovators, Springbuk relies on Slack for their internal communications. Nightfall’s DLP platform for Slack secures Springbuk's company communications to keep them compliant with HIPAA laws and protect sensitive customer data.

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Galileo Health Maintains HIPAA Compliance Across Slack and GitHub with Nightfall

Galileo Health, an innovative healthcare technology startup, relies on Nightfall to secure their Slack channels and GitHub repositories. Michael Supon, Galileo’s Head of Security and Compliance, credits Nightfall’s ease of use, automation, and accurate results with improving his team’s productivity and helping maintain HIPAA compliance across Galileo’s data infrastructure.

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