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Cloud-native DLP for GitHub

Detect sensitive data in your GitHub repositories

Nightfall leverages machine learning to detect a wide range of potentially sensitive data in GitHub repositories – ensuring data like secrets, PII, and more are kept safe.
Nightfall leverages machine learning to detect a wide range of potentially sensitive data in GitHub repositories – ensuring data like secrets, PII, and more are kept safe.

Comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) designed for GitHub

Nightfall is a best-in-class solution that leverages machine learning to detect a broad range of sensitive data types in GitHub.

  • Automatically detect 150+ types of sensitive data, including PII and credentials & secrets, using Nightfall’s ML-trained detectors.
  • Identify sensitive data across public and private repositories.
  • Discover unknown unknowns with no prior tuning or tagging needed.

Configure your secrets and PII detection requirements to meet your organization’s needs

Nightfall enables you to configure scans to effectively prioritize and resolve data policy violations.

  • Create custom detectors & detection rules.
  • Configure Nightfall’s Detection Engine with context rules, confidence scores, and more.
  • Unparalleled accuracy via deep learning, for low-noise results.
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Streamline your cloud DLP approach

Nightfall is easy to implement and provides you with a single pane of glass to centralize your data security approach across applications.

  • Integrate with GitHub in just a few clicks.
  • Export scan results for use in other systems.
  • Use Nightfall to discover and protect sensitive data across other cloud apps in addition to GitHub.

Acquia protects against data exposure with Nightfall

Acquia integrated Nightfall into their security stack to protect sensitive information like API tokens, secrets, and passwords from improper exposure.

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One benefit of having all of these tools [Nightfall for Confluence, Jira, GitHub and Slack] under one umbrella allows us to just see everything from a single pane. We're not having to go through three or four different tools, and we're also not having to configure rules six different times in six different tools. It's all in one place.

Don Stewart

Security Operations Analyst

450 +


50 million

Customers served

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“Nightfall was the quickest and easiest way for us to guarantee we are not committing any passwords, API keys, or other sensitive information to our GitHub repositories.”
Anton Chuppin, Manager, IT Interfaces Group

Anton Chuppin

IT Interfaces Group

400 +


700,000 +

Annual members

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I would recommend Nightfall to any organization that uses code repos, that uses GitHub or any of the others that are compatible with Nightfall, because you don't even realize how much can leak out of your system until you put a lens to it. That's what Nightfall gives you.

Robert Former

CISO, VP of Security

1,000 +


4,000 +


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“Nightfall’s ease of setup and accuracy of identified data are both on point.”

Michael Supon

Head of Security and Compliance

60 +


55,000 +

App downloads

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All plans are powered by Nightfall's Detection Engine and include our detectors, dedicated support, and access to resources to get up and running immediately.
  • Scan your repositories for credentials & secrets with high accuracy machine learning.
  • Context-rich results to prioritize and remediate exposure risk.
  • Export violations to your tools of choice.
2 plans available


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Scan in real-time upon code push events to all your repositories



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per month

All features from the Pro tier, plus scan the full commit history of any repo