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Information Security

Bluecore protects sensitive information and manages data leak risk in their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Bluecore provides multi-channel personalization for large retail organizations with a focus on driving eCommerce revenue through customer acquisition and retention. Any time you walk through a shopping center or browse online, you’ll see some of the over 400 brands that Bluecore empowers to build superior shopper experiences, including Express, Teleflora, Bass Pro Shops, Jockey and […]

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Klaviyo creates a more secure environment for their GitHub repos and strengthens customer trust with Nightfall

Klaviyo is a leading customer data and marketing automation platform dedicated to accelerating revenue and customer connections for online businesses. Klaviyo makes it easy to store, access, analyze and use transactional and behavioral data to power highly targeted customer and prospect communications. The company’s hybrid customer-data and marketing-platform model allows companies to grow by fostering […]

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Prove secures data in their cloud SaaS apps with Nightfall

Prove is a mobile cloud identity provider that serves businesses across a wide range of industries like finance, retail, and healthcare. Prove’s customers offer applications for mobile banking, shopping, and more, and they rely on Prove to accurately and safely authenticate users. Because Prove handles sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII) and credentials, the […]

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UserTesting is building a culture of security with their DLP program — and Nightfall

UserTesting is a SaaS-based solution that captures real-time video feedback from people all over the world, giving organizations access to diverse customer perspectives so they can build exceptional digital and real-world experiences. Leading brands across many different industries such as retail, media, and financial services trust UserTesting to help them gather the human insight they […]

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Flatfile protects PII and maintains compliance in their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Flatfile simplifies the data import process for companies via their easy-to-use data onboarding platform. Users can upload data from CSV files and Excel spreadsheets directly into their applications seamlessly. By paring down the uploading process, Flatfile allows their users to work faster and more efficiently without running into typical errors when importing data, like unsupported […]

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Avant secures information in SaaS environments with Nightfall DLP

Security teams in financial services face increased challenges for protecting customer information within their systems. Avant is a personal lending company that provides transparent lending and credit options for everyday people, so the data security stakes are very high for the Avant security operations team. The team, led by Senior Manager Jared Gray, is responsible […]

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Amount protects data across their SaaS environments with Nightfall

Amount develops products and services to help financial institutions grow in the digital realm. Their technology solutions put customer experience first and allow their partners to enter the digital financial space with speed and ease. With Amount, financial institutions have everything they need to succeed, like omnichannel retail banking experiences and point-of-sale financing products. Amount’s […]

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Acquia guards against data exposure with Nightfall

A great website is the cornerstone of an online presence for users who are building their virtual brands and connecting with their audiences. Acquia understands the web hosting needs of their customers and makes it easy to host Drupal websites in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Acquia integrated Nightfall into their security stack to safeguard customer […]

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Yieldstreet protects PII in Slack with Nightfall DLP

For Yieldstreet, protecting sensitive investor and company data is paramount to every vendor they bring on board. Nightfall secures Yieldstreet investor data in Slack and allows them to classify data across all their workplace collaboration solutions.

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Nightfall simplifies data security & HIPAA compliance for SimpleHealth

SimpleHealth must ensure PHI is secure when sharing files and messages on Slack. Nightfall provides the HIPAA compliance coverage they need with cloud-native DLP.

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Parsley Health’s innovative patient care includes protecting PHI with Nightfall

Collaboration in the cloud allows the Parsley Health team to move quickly and create the best health outcomes for their members. Martín and his team needed a way to protect sensitive personal data from being exposed in Slack. Nightfall was up for the challenge.

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Protecting PHI in Slack: Nightfall adds DLP (and value) to Perry Health

Perry Health provides a technology-first approach to healthcare, with user-friendly mobile and web applications to facilitate these improved patient-provider connections. Making things easy in healthcare requires strict compliance and data security. Nightfall supports HIPAA-compliant DLP for Perry Health in Slack.

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Staying safe in Slack: Blossom Bariatrics counts on Nightfall for HIPAA compliance

Providing a high level of patient care while expanding the business posed challenges for Blossom Bariatrics, namely maintaining HIPAA compliance in Slack. Nightfall DLP for Slack provides the protection Blossom Bariatrics needs to stay HIPAA compliant.

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Nightfall makes HIPAA compliance fast and easy for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Caring for an aging population with specialized medical and long-term care needs is a massive challenge, especially with keeping patient data secure. Chelsea Jewish Lifecare is using Nightfall Enterprise for Slack to protect patient data within their internal communications.

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Calgary Public Library Logo

Calgary Public Library Keeps Credentials & Secrets Safe with Nightfall for GitHub

Calgary Public Library needed a DLP solution that could detect and classify secret data like login credentials and API keys. That's when they chose Nightfall.

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Springbuk maintains HIPAA compliance on Slack communications with Nightfall

Like many fast-growing tech innovators, Springbuk relies on Slack for their internal communications. Nightfall’s DLP platform for Slack secures Springbuk's company communications to keep them compliant with HIPAA laws and protect sensitive customer data.

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Paidy Transforms Their DLP Workflow with Nightfall

Paidy, a hyper-growth fintech startup in Japan, leverages Nightfall’s Enterprise Slack DLP to protect against data leaks. Felix Beatty, Paidy’s CISO, credits Nightfalls rapid deployment, easy customization, and stellar customer service with transforming Paidy’s DLP workflow.

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Galileo Health Maintains HIPAA Compliance Across Slack and GitHub with Nightfall

Galileo Health, an innovative healthcare technology startup, relies on Nightfall to secure their Slack channels and GitHub repositories. Michael Supon, Galileo’s Head of Security and Compliance, credits Nightfall’s ease of use, automation, and accurate results with improving his team’s productivity and helping maintain HIPAA compliance across Galileo’s data infrastructure.

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Aaron’s Maintains Company Communication Standards On Slack With Nightfall

Aaron’s, Inc., an omnichannel provider of lease-purchase solutions, protects against data loss using Nightfall’s easy-to-use Slack DLP integration. Stuart Lane, Information Security Engineer at Aaron’s, credits Nightfall in automating their DLP activity and helping enforce their company code of conduct among their employees.

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How Ellucian leverages Nightfall for Data Security on Slack

Read about how Nightfall provides Ellucian with instant visibility into sensitive information in Slack.

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