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Nightfall Developer Platform

Embed DLP & data classification into any application

Resolve sensitive data exposure in any environment with Nightfall’s data classification and protection APIs.
Resolve sensitive data exposure in any environment with Nightfall’s data classification and protection APIs.

Content inspection as code

Nightfall’s APIs are a set of building blocks developers can use to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data.

Security for products

Embed data classification and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities into customer facing applications for your end-users.

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Security for corporate apps

Enable data loss prevention (DLP) for any third party cloud application to protect against security and compliance risks.

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Security for self-managed apps

Keep your data in your environment and deploy the Nightfall Developer Platform on your own infrastructure.

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Get started easily

Start protecting sensitive data with Nightfall.


Create an API key

Integrate with just a few lines of code.


Configure a detection rule

Set up detection rules across all of your cloud applications and apply the same rules to your custom integrations.


Make an API call

Scan payloads with 150+ detectors trained via machine learning.


For developers, by developers

Start building in minutes

Integrate with just a few lines of code. Seamlessly add data classification to your applications & workflows using Nightfall’s modern REST API.

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Inspect your data, wherever it lives, on or off the cloud

Programmatically get structured results from Nightfall’s deep learning-based detectors for 100+ types of sensitive data like credit card numbers, API keys, and more.

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Best in class accuracy

Deep-learning based detectors go well beyond regexes, rules, and search strings so you can make sense of your data without the alert fatigue.

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developer platform file types

Scan files, images, and text

Scan over 100+ file types, MIME-types and perform machine learning based optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text.

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Sample code & tutorials for your use case

Browse walkthroughs of common integrations

Aaron’s secures information in ServiceNow with Nightfall

Aaron’s to securely connect essential workflows in ServiceNow by scanning internal communications and prevent inappropriate sharing of information with the Nightfall Developer Platform.

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