Webinar: Join us, Tues 5/24. Nightfall & Hanzo experts will discuss how machine learning can enhance data governance, data security, and the efficiency of legal investigations. Register now ⟶

Enhance Data Governance & Intelligence across SaaS Systems

Enterprise legal, compliance, and governance teams struggle to detect, manage, govern, and protect information in near real time. Similarly, litigation, HR and investigation teams struggle with data intelligence on information they have collected from cloud applications like Slack and Google Workspace.

In this webinar industry leaders will discuss compelling real-world examples illustrating:

-The challenges enterprises face with collaborative data and how enterprises can broaden their horizons while using powerful insights from ML-enriched data to make investigations, governance, risk, and compliance efficient and safer.

-How teams can discover more and quickly find sensitive data such as PII and undesirable language that might otherwise go undetected within collaboration content.

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